The Big Picture


Graziano Mascheri, with his Experientiae brand, enters as a partner of the new company The Big Picture founded in 2021 by Stefano Ripamonti.

The new brand conceives and produces events and incentive travel where each experience is designed in a tailored way and with attention to the smallest details to achieve excellence.

The Big Picture is a holistic approach with a clear purpose: to transform a perspective vision in a valuable and tangible experience.

Graziano Mascheri (Founder, Experientiae): “After a long period dedicated to my passions and my personal growth, I felt the desire to return to devoting myself to the activity that, I believe, I do best and involves me having fun: designing events, incentive travel and experiences that excite and move people.

I welcomed with joy the invitation to join the new brand The Big Picture, a stimulating, visionary and energetic project that was born in a period of restart with a prosperous horizon of opportunities where can be protagonists. I will bring my maturity, experience, relationships and sensitivity to the environmental impact of events as a dowry”.

Stefano Ripamonti (CEO & Founder, The Big Picture): “I welcome with great enthusiasm the entry of Graziano Mascheri and the Experientiae brand into our newly born team of The Big Picture. A brand that perfectly embodies the values ​​and pillars on which The Big Picture project is based. I am happy not only because Graziano brings with him a very high profile experiential baggage, but also because he was able to choose the project that was most similar to his philosophical approach to this wonderful professional.

They often approached us as performers, we certainly have common territories and shared approaches, but each of us remains special in his own way. What is objective is our identity card, which under the item date of birth shows the same date, October 5th! A sign of fate? We like to think that it would be reductive to see it like this .. ”. –