There are few things that really remain in us and accompany us in our daily lives. Things that survive the frenzy, distractions and a sometimes faulty memory: emotions. Extremely powerfull detonators, capable of sparking all our senses and keep these sensations intact through time.

These are the kind of Pure Experiences which we want to offer. Marvel, amazement, exploring things never seen, heard or even imagined before. These are the time which has been refound, other experiences, powerfull and authentic connections with places and their history.

It is not a simple voyage, but an immersion within oneself. To taste even the smallest and most precious shade of the true concept of Experience.

“The Experientiae philosophy is very simple. I think that anyone can identify with it and feel an instinctive affinity.
It speaks to the deepest , but sometimes hidden, part of each of us: our curiosity, our innate desire for discovery and surprise.
It’s time to wake up!”

Graziano Mascheri, Founder and Experience Designer

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